Augmented Reality is one of those cool technologies that is often used in gimmicky products, but Audi has put it to good use in a practical and informative way in their latest application. Owners of a shiny new Audi A3 or S3 can hover the camera on their iPhone or iPad over different parts of the car, and the application will bring up all the information you could want on what it is, and what it does.

It isn't limited to the inside either. Over 300 components are included within the app, including under the hood. In some cases, virtual maintenance instructions will overlay onto the image of the car. Sure, it's a pretty niche application, and currently only available in selected App Stores around the world, but this is a great example of how Augmented Reality can be done right and add real value to an application.

Audi owners in selected European countries such as the UK and Germany, as well as Japan right now can download for free from the App Store. It's also a great opportunity to think about other areas we'd like to see Augmented Reality put to good use. Where would you like to see it?

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