Vader for iPhone takes a new approach to dishing out weather info

Vader for iPhone is a new minimalistic style weather app that gives you information on weather conditions literally around the clock. Powered by Forecast, the makers of Dark Sky, Vader is not only pretty to look at, it provides accurate weather data as well.

When I say around the clock, I literally mean around the clock. Vader uses a circular representation for a clock that shows what the weather will be like over the next 12 hours. The outer circle will get lighter as daylight approaches. Underneath this circular depiction, you can also quickly view a seven day forecast which gives you an animation of predicted conditions as well as high and low temps.

Vader provides four main kinds of data that you can toggle between by tapping on their icons. They are temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and humidity. The numbers on the inside dial will change to correspond with whatever data you've requested. From there, you just read it like you would a clock for whatever time you want weather data for.

If you prefer minimalist clients that you can pop in and out of, Vader definitely fits the bill. Not only that, it does it in a way that's unique, but beautiful at the same time. Not to mention, it's got a super cool name to go with it.

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