Vainglory, the fantasy action-strategy game that got a high profile demo during Apple's iPhone 6 launch event in September, will be released in Europe November 13 and in the US on November 18 for the iPhone and iPad.

The game received a soft launch in October in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand but it is now ready for prime time. Its development team, Superevilmegacorp (and no, we are not kidding), states:

At launch, Vainglory will run on the iPad 2 and above, as well as iPhone 5s and above. Because of the competitive nature of the game (and for the smoothest experience), we do recommend you play on the largest possible screen and the newest possible device available to you. Please note that Vainglory for iPad and Vainglory for iPhone will be two separate apps in the App Store. This is necessary to continue to support older OpenGL devices on iPad (iPad 2 and above), while only supporting iPhones with Apple's Metal technology (iPhone 5s and above).

In addition to the US, Vainglory will also be released in South America, the Middle East and Africa on November 18. A launch in China, Japan and Korea is still in the works due to the need for more localization in those markets.

The game itself is in the same MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre that has proven itself popular on the PC platform with games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. Will you be playing Vainglory on the iPhone or the iPad when it comes out?

Source: Superevilmegacorp