Vdio, the on-demand video service from Rdio has launched fully to viewers across the U.S. and the UK. Until now the service has been in a private beta of sorts for Rdio Unlimited subscribers, but the gates are now opened to all. Vdio doesn't follow the Rdio subscription based business model, instead it just sells content to watch. Kind of like iTunes, then.

Rdio Unlimited subscribers will all be given a free $25 credit to spend in Vdio, and there is an iPad app, but it's not quite as simple as just picking up your iPad and buying something to watch. The app only allows you to view your already purchased content, not actually buy new things to watch. Honestly, this feels like a way around Apple's in-app purchase policy for the App Store, so if you want to use Vdio on your iPad, it's going to be a slightly janky process to do so.

It appears to have a pretty decent selection of content at first glance, even Netflix's House of Cards is there to purchase on a per-episode basis. It's a tough market Vdio enters, so it'll be interesting to watch their progress in the weeks and months ahead. In a world of Netflix and Amazon though, and even iTunes, is the Vdio offering a compelling enough choice?

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