Velocity wants to help you read faster

Velocity is an app that wants to teach you to read faster. It's fairly simple to use. Velocity gathers material from the web, along with Instapaper and Pocket, and feeds you text one word at a time by default. The speed at which words pass in front of you can be controlled either from the settings screen, or by tapping the stream of words to bring up the controls, and setting it there. The slider goes from 100 words per minute to 1,000. Choose from light, dark, or sepia theme options, as well as five fonts, including OpenDyslexic. You can also choose the number of words the app displays at a time, from one to four. Finally, there is a "Read in Velocity" bookmark that can be installed in Safari to bring content into the app. Velocity is available for the iPhone for $2.99, and requires iOS 7.

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