No, Verizon isn't going to cripple iPhone aGPS

Verizon has a long history of crippling aGPS on other smartphones so it's certainly understandable that people are concerned about the Verizon iPhone and its ability to access location. For years BlackBerry users have struggled to unlock their GPS on Verizon. Windows Mobile users have suited up for war in efforts to free their GPS from Verizon. Most recently the Palm Pre Plus had aGPS locked out for users who didn't subscribe to VZ Navigator. It's a long, sad, ugly history, so we get it -- you're worried about your Verizon iPhone Maps, your check-in apps like 4Square and Gwolla, your Facebook Places and restaurant finders, and your turn-by-turn navigation that doesn't have VZ in its name.

But here's the thing -- none of those locked down GPS chips were on phones made by Apple. Just take a look at the Verizon iPhone -- no Verizon logo sticker, no pre-installed, indelible Verizon CrApps, no indication Verizon had any input on the iPhone whatsoever beyond ensuring it made calls on their network.

So while we won't know for sure until the TiPb nation gets a ton of Verizon iPhones in hand and puts them through their full location paces, I can't imagine a scenario where Apple and their App Store ecosystem lets that happen. (Even if Verizon demanded it, Apple would just escalate to Steve, and I don't think even Big Red could take that level of hurt.) Either way we're keeping track of the aGPS functionality in our Verizon iPhone Forum so jump in there or leave a comment below and let us know what you think