Maybe, just maybe, these pesky iPhone 4 on Verizon rumors will finally fade away as Droid Life reports they're fully committed to Android and their current high-end lineup of devices like the new Droid X.

"And the second part of the meeting (and most important to us) was to announce that they will not be interested in the iPhone 4 (as of now) and are putting full effort behind Android and the new lineup of Droid devices."

In case you were wondering, the first part of the meeting was about a advertising adjustment where the “Wireless” tag is removed from "Verizon Wireless" but we just care about the iPhone part.

Personally I've felt since the release of the Motorola Droid last year that it was pretty evident Verizon was standing firm behind the (more controllable?) Android platform and it would be a long while before any iPhone landed on the carrier.

Rene on the other hand feels Verizon is using a bit of reverse phycology in order to get customers to stop waiting for iPhone and start buying Droids. Now if Droid Life is correct, that would mean all of those CDMA iPhones would be headed to Sprint right? You have to love rumors.

You be the judge, has Verizon really given up on the iPhone? Sound off in the comments!

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