With Verizon/iOS 4.3 personal hotspot do you still need 3G on iPad?

With Apple set to launch the new Wi-Fi personal hotspot feature on iOS 4.2.6 for the Verizon iPhone -- and soon to follow with iOS 4.3 for AT&T and other GSM iPhones -- do you think you'll still need 3G on your iPad?

Right now Apple offers both Wi-Fi only iPads and also iPads with Wi-Fi + 3G for over $100 more. The iPad 3G require separate data plans that can cost as little as $15 for 250MB/month to $30 for 2GB to 5GB/month depending what country you're in. There's typically no contract involved so you only need to pay for 3G when you want to use it.

Up until now the existing iPhone USB and Bluetooth tethering system hasn't worked with iPad either -- Apple simply didn't build it in. That means unless you had an Android or Palm phone with mobile hotspot, paying for iPad 3G was your only option.

Come next week on Verizon and a few weeks on AT&T and other GSM carriers, Wi-Fi personal hotspot will work with iPad (and up to 5 devices total). In the US you'll still have to pay $20 for tethering (though AT&T will give an extra 2GB of data for it now) but in other countries tethering is (and presumably personal hotspot will be) free. Either way, however, you'll be dependent on the iPhone for connectivity and you'll be putting an extra drain on your iPhone's battery.

That makes it an interesting choice, doesn't it?

What do you think, will the Verizon/iOS 4.3 personal hotspot for iPhone make you less likely to keep paying for 3G on your iPad? Will it make you less likely to get an iPad 2 with 3G?