Is Apple currently in the "AP" field testing stage -- the final stage before the product is to be released -- for the much-anticipated and often rumored Verizon CDMA iPhone. One of BGR's sources seems to think so:

For starters, we have been told that iPhone model 3,2 — what everyone is assuming to be the Verizon (or at least CDMA-compatible) phone — just hit the “AP” testing stage. This is the very last stage before retail release; final hardware, almost final software. Here is the odd thing, though… the iPhone 3,2 unit, we have been exclusively told, contains a SIM card slot.

And that's where it gets interesting, because pure CDMA devices do not have SIM card slots.

Could it be a "world phone" with both CDMA and GSM? Could it be using that new Qualcomm hybrid CDMA/GSM chipset that we previously assumed wouldn't be coming until June next year? Or could it just be a new hardware revision of the existing GSM (read AT&T) iPhone? (Maybe with an antenna fix?)

Speaking of next June, BGR's source also said the next-generation iPhone 5 was now in EVT, the engineering verification stage before the DVT phase. It seems like most of us (14.1 million at least) just got our iPhone 4, are things really moving this fast now?


by Andrew Wray