Verizon iPhone pre-orders go relatively smoothly

UPDATE: Looks like Verizon couldn't handle iPhone 4 either -- or at least the pre-orders -- as we're now hearing from a bunch of folks for whom the servers simply stopped responding. It doesn't seem to be widespread as others are getting through just fine still. We're guessing whatever problem is occurring, Verizon is working on it. So if you get an error just keep trying and let us know how it goes in the comments!

Yes, it is newsworthy to note that, according to the feedback we're getting, Verizon iPhone pre-orders -- which went live just before 3am EST last night -- seem to have gone pretty smoothly. No massive server crashes, no pandaemonium on the internet, no #fail cover story on The Daily. Given how, with the AT&T iPhone 4 pre-orders last summer, the Apple Online Store crumbled, AT&T accounts got compromised, AT&T pre-orders sold out, and TiPb readers celebrated their survival.

Of course that was just the first night. In the hours and days that followed Apple sold out as well, AT&T suspended orders, we tried to figure out who actually got a confirmed order (Apple said 600,000 people), then the fun began with some shipping notices going out, others appearing to be cancelled (likely due to order problems resulting in duplicates, triplicates, and more). But ship they ultimately did and some folks even got their iPhone 4 early.

Whether the Verizon iPhone pre-orders get processed more smoothly or we get the same kind of drama remains to be seen (we're tracking it over in our Verizon iPhone Forum, so go join in!)

We also still have the big launch day coming up on February 10 for everyone who couldn't pre-order, and likely the famous overnight Apple Store line-ups to go with it!

So what do you think, did the pre-order conditions lighten the load, was demand less in general, or was the system simply improved since last summer?