Verizon iPhone tear-down -- could have been a world phone!

The fine folks at iFixit have already torn down the new Verizon iPhone and while there's a lot that hasn't changed and some changes we knew about, the biggest shocker so far is that Apple used the Qualcomm MDM6600 chipset which supports both Verizon's CDMA/EVDO and AT&T's GSM/HSPA+ -- but the GSM part isn't enabled:

  • This is the same chipset as the Droid Pro world phone. It supports both GSM and CDMA—which means that Apple could have supported GSM!

  • Why didn't they? It may be that it was easier to design antennas for a CDMA-only phone-this phone supports two cellular frequency bands, while Apple supports five bands in the GSM version.

Most of the rest of the Verizon iPhone is the same as the AT&T/GSM iPhone, though the model numbers of some parts have been slightly incremented. Also noteworthy, however, is that the vibration motor has received a "complete makeover".

My tester said that the "Verizon vibration was quieter, a little softer to feel, and made a better sound on the table." (No, I'm not making a 'That's what she said' joke.) It used to be in the top right portion of the phone, across from the camera. Now it's on the bottom left. It's the silver circle bottom left in this photo:

If you want to watch iFixit tear into the Verizon iPhone, hit the link below. Anyone else disappointed Apple couldn't make a world phone work yet?