Verizon offers 500MB 'Share Everything' plan

Verizon has quietly introduced a new 500MB tier to its "Share Everything" plan. The new price structure undercuts Verizon's previous low-end offering - 1GB per month for $50. It helps the company compete with rival AT&T, which offers a 300MB per month for $30, reports Engadget.

Of course, $40 isn't what you pay; Verizon charges you another $40 per smartphone, so you'll be paying $80 per month bare minimum ($120 assuming you actually share with another smartphone user). AT&T similarly tacks on a $40 per smartphone charge. 500MB isn't a pretty small data cap, too: you'll need to remind yourself to hop on wi-fi hotspots at every opportunity (or just not use a data unless you really need it).

But if your wallet is thin, it may be a palatable alternative than doing without altogether.

Is 500MB enough for you, especially sharing with another person? Does the price seem reasonable? How much are you paying now, and how much data do you get?