If Apple ends US iPhone exclusivity with AT&T in 2010, could Verizon handle the handset that currently crushes service in data-dense cities like San Francisco and New York? BusinessWeek scored the quote from Verizon Wireless Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone:

"We have put things in place already. We are prepared to support that traffic."

"It comes down to backing that process with money. We've been more consistent than any carrier in the last 10 years investing year over year."

"We will handle it if we ever get it."

To make sure we're absolutely crystal clear, no one is saying Verizon will be getting the iPhone next year, Verizon is just claiming their network is up to the task if they do.

When reached for comment on that claim, AT&T wouldn't address it directly but offered:

"We think we are leading the way in how people use their wireless phones. We operate a great network."

This comes as AT&T is facing increased media (and satirical) attention over their lack of infrastructure investment despite the increase in data revenue the iPhone has brought them. To their credit, however, they are continuing to publicize the "improved wireless network experience" they have invested in for certain areas of the US.

[Thanks to the Reptile!]