Verizon's Q2 earnings are out today, showing smartphone sales of 7.5 million units, with 51% of those being iPhone. That works out to about 3.8 million iPhones sold by Big Red in the quarter. Also of note is that LTE device sales sits at 6.4 million units for the same period of time, and that the LTE coverage now sits at 99% of the carriers 3G footprint. Verizon CEO, Lowell McAdam:

“Having posted double-digit earnings growth in five of the last six quarters, we are focused on continuing to provide the best portfolio of products on the most reliable networks; capturing incremental revenue growth in broadband, video and cloud services; and sustaining our earnings and cash-flow momentum.”

Smartphone adoption also continued to grow, with 64% of Verizon customers now on a smartphone compared to 61% the same time 12 months ago. Another successful quarter for Verizon, but likewise for iPhone sales. Just over half of all smartphones Verizon sold in the three-month Q2 were iPhone. Doom-and-gloom stories haven't been so prevalent in recent times, but it's still positive news from one of the biggest carriers in the U.S.

Of course, we now enter a quarter where many will be hoping to see a new iPhone towards the tail end of, or in the early parts of the following quarter. So, it wouldn't be a surprise to see numbers slow up a little as folks perhaps hold out for the new hardware. But taking over half Verizon's smartphone sales is a win for Apple.