Verizon has announced their financial results for Q4, 2012, and out of 9.8 million smartphones sold, 6.2 million of them were iPhone. That's over 63%. They also announced that their 4G LTE network now reached 273 million people in 476 U.S. markets. According to [Verizon] chairman and CEO, Lowell McAdam:

Verizon seized growth opportunities in the fourth quarter to cap a year of solid progress across the entire business. We delivered a total return of 13.2 percent to shareholders in 2012, and we enter 2013 ready to accelerate the momentum we’ve achieved and create significant shareholder value in the years to come.

It was also a record quarter for tablet sales, including the new introduced iPad mini and iPad 4.

This comes following the usual doom-and-gloom rumors and reports which seem to precede earnings announcement weeks, the last 10 days of which suggested demand for the iPhone 5 was weak and Apple should pack their bags and go home. If that turns out to be the stock manipulation at the expense of Apple and regular, more easily frightened investors, then it would be nice to think oversight would occur and such reports wouldn't find purchase in the most trusted financial papers of record in the future.

But who am I kidding, that particular type of bullshit services way too many agendas for anything approaching ethics or common sense to counter.

Meanwhile, more the 3 out of every 5 phones Verizon sold over the holidays were made by Apple.