It appears Verizon is making some interesting changes to their upgrade and return policies and while that doesn't effect iPhone owners now, it will effect those hoping to get on the Verizon iPhone bandwagon soon. As it sits now, a lot of customers are eligible to upgrade between months 13-20 on their contracts. How often you're allowed to upgrade typically depends on a number of factors including bill payment history, monthly bill amount, etc.. If the Verizon training slide from above is correct, customers won't be able to upgrade until month 20 of their contract. Ouch. So if you're thinking of sticking with Big Red, you'd better make sure you pick a phone you're going to be happy with.

Verizon also appears to be planning to shrink the return window to 14 days (it's currently set at 30 days). If sources are correct, this will go into affect as of January 16th. Verizon recently announced a press event scheduled for January 11th that could potentially be iPhone related (hey, they're rumors until Steve Jobs says they're not). Any readers think this has anything to do with preventing a surge of existing customers trying to return phones or upgrade early to obtain a shiny new Verizon iPhone?

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