Moon Shark has just announced Verticus, an endless-falling game made in collaboration with comic book legend Stan Lee. The gameplay will seem familiar if you've ever played Falling Fred, minus the gore, and plus the super hero badassitude. Details are scarce, but there's are enemies to evade, currency to pick up, and upgrades to buy. The story goes that that a hostile race of aliens are building a doomsday device at the core of the planet, and our anonymous hero has to use his high-tech suit to chase down The Obliterators and descend to the source of their scheming. 

The last game Moon Shark published was DancePad, which was made in collaboration with Jennifer Lopez. It's interesting to see more and more celebrities getting involved in the iOS app sphere, and sensible considering visibility is a huge part of an app's success. Hopefully we can keep the spotlight on the software and the developers rather than the big names promoting them, though. 

It looks pretty slick overall, and with Stan Lee behind it, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of classic comic charm in there. Release is set for this fall, so expect Verticus to land soon! You can sign on for updates over at Moon Shark's landing page

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