Vesper note-taking app update makes tracking changes easier

Vesper has been updated to version 2.002, which is a slight bump from the 2.0 release, but the changes will make it easier for users to track any edits or revisions to their notes. As a note-taking and information collecting app, Vesper now allows you to see when the notes are created and modified when you tap at the bottom of the screen.

"When you're viewing a single note, tap at the bottom of the screen to see the date it was created," Vesper said in a blog post detailing the update. "Tap again to see the modification date. Tap again to character or word count."

In addition to tracking changes, the minor update also brings with it performance improvements to resolve crashes.

Additionally, users will also be happy to know that photo synchronization is managed better as well. Vesper will now synchronize the low resolution image before downloading the higher resolution image, which can save you on your data plan if you're not on an unlimited package with your carrier.

The app is currently on sale for $2.99 on the App Store, though 2.002 is a free update if you've previously owned the title.

How do you like the latest update to Vesper? Be sure to let us know and also check out our impressions of other note-taking apps.

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