A new smart cup looks to keep you healthy by tracking the nutrition of what you drink. Vessyl, a product of industrial designer Yves Behar and Mark One, is a connected cup that not only tracks your liquid intake, but also knows exactly what you're drinking. Vessyl can tell you if you're taking in your morning OJ, grabbing a soda, or throwing back a beer after work, and will relay nutrition information for each drink to a companion iPhone app so you can track your drinking habits (in a good way).

The 13oz Vessyl talks to the app and will track your liquid intake — even telling the difference between strong and weak coffee (based off caffeine content). You can view data for things like calories, sugar or fat content within your drinks as well. The ultimately goal being to help you take in the proper amount of liquid during the day, while making smarter choices in the process. Vessyl is [available now for pre-order for $99](/Vessyl is available now for pre-order for $99.).

Whether Vessyl will be a big winner is hard to say. We've seen plenty of other products on the market that aim to help with eating or drinking habits, but after a while they seem like more of a novelty than anything else.

Source: 9to5Mac