Vine update lets remix your posts, save them for later

Vine has been updated with a couple of major additions for editing videos, called Sessions and Time Travel.

Sessions allows you to save a post for later, allowing you to come back and add to, edit, or discard it at a later time. To use Sessions, when recording a video, tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the app and select Save for Later. Vine supports up to ten posts-in-progress at once.

Time Travel is about editing, and can work hand-in-hand with Sessions. Time Travel lets you cut, reorder, or replace any shot in one of your posts at any time. To access Time Travel, tap the green bar while shooting a video, or tap edit when previewing a post. In the chronological lineup of shots in the post, you can drag individual sections around to reorder. To delete a section, drag it to the top of the screen, where a trashcan will appear.

If you haven't tried Vine yet, or you don't have auto-updates on, head on over to the App Store now! Then tell me what you think of the new features!

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