Virgin Mobile looks to lure in T-Mobile USA customers with 00 credit

Virgin Mobile USA has launched a new campaign, taking aim at T-Mobile USA’s new plans, and offering a $100 credit to T-Mobile users who switch. Virgin is hoping that their “Retrain Your Brain” effort will lure T-Mobile’s pre-paid users to their network looking for better deals on their plans. Because Sprint, the network behind Virgin’s service, is a CDMA network, while T-Mobile is GSM, you will need to get a new phone from Virgin, or bring a compatible phone with you.

One of Virgin’s primary arguments for switching from T-Mobile seems to be the speed throttling users experience after they exceed a certain limit. Neither T-Mobile or Virgin charges overage fees for data, but they do reduce data speeds after a user reaches their limit. While T-Mobile reduces speed down to 2G quality, Virgin claims to reduce speed to 3G quality. T-Mobile also gives users the option to pay for unlimited high-speed data, while Virgin users are limited to 2.5GB per month on all plans.

Virgin claims that customers will have access to LTE speeds, and while this is true for some users, Virgin uses Sprint's network to power its service. Sprint's LTE network rollout is still in its early stages and very few locations receive LTE service compared to Verizon and AT&T. Virgin customers using the iPhone will also be out of luck, as the latest model that Virgin offers is the 4S, and there is, as of yet, no time frame for the release of the iPhone 5 for Virgin. For its part, T-Mobile only started its LTE rollout two weeks ago, so there coverage area is the smallest of all four major US carriers.

Source: Virgin Mobile USA

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