A helpful accessory for parents made its debut at CES 2013 called the VivoPlay by Evado Filip. In addition to GPS and Wi-Fi location-tracking, the VivoPlay has a built-in SIM card and service which allows parents to call their kids directly or vice versa right from the device. The companion iPhone app includes live tracking information, proximity alerts so you know when the little rascal is getting too far, and a secure management system so parents can dictate who exactly can make calls to and from the VivoPlay unit. The watch will require some kind of subscription to pay for voice and data service, and of course an initial cost for the device itself, though hard numbers have yet to be nailed down. Since kids will be wearing these things, they've been built especially rugged and water resistant, so the VivoPlay can survive inevitable mishaps.

For more information, be sure to hit up Evado Filip. VivoPlay should be available by the middle of the year with pilot programs launching at the end of the quarter. Personally, I think this system looks fantastic - even the best parents can always use a bit of back-up, if only for peace of mind. Any parents tempted to get something like this? How do you keep track of your kids?