VMware launches Fusion 7 with support for OS X Yosemite

VMware has released Fusion 7, the latest in their line of virtual machine software. Fusion 7 comes designed for OS X Yosemite, and adopts the new design cues like cleaner toolbars and windows. In additon to Yosemite, Fusion 7 is also compatible with Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Fusion 7 is ready for Windows 8.1, and has been updated to take advantage of Intel's Haswell processors, found in the latest Macs. You can create virtual machines with up to 8TB virtual disks, and up to 64GB of memory to run you apps. You can also allocate up to 2GB of video memory to your virtual machine. Fusion features enhanced App Nap support, so it will use less energy when the window isn't displayed. If you have a Mac with a discrete GPU, then Fusion can automatically shift between using the integrated graphics to that GPU for performance improvements.

What do you think of VMware Fusion 7, and what is your preferred virtual machine software? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: VMware