Vodafone now has a teaser page up on their site for what we'd imagine is the iPhone 5. They're advertising it as "this year's biggest smartphone release" so we can only assume it's a placeholder for whatever iPhone Apple is rumored to announce on October 4th.

The page also gives subscribers the option to sign up for e-mail updates on the mystery phone. Hopefully we are only a few days away from hearing about an announcement and a few weeks away from an actual announcement. How many of you still think we'll see a new iPhone available before the end of October?

The screenshot below was also sent to us by a TiPb reader who received a text from Rogers about reserving the upcoming iPhone. The text reads:

As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This means you could be one of the first in line in Canada for the next iPhone as soon as it's available to reserve! Replay YES to be notified when the next iPhone can be reserved. Visit www.rogers.com/rogersreservations to learn more.

It appears carriers either know something we don't or they're still assuming at this point. What do you think?

Thanks Tom for the Rogers tip!

BGR via Vodafone