An update is due to hit for Google Chrome on iOS in the coming days, and with it we'll see their new voice search capabilities added to the Omnibox. Having just rolled out a similar feature to Google Chrome for Mac -- albeit using the Google home page instead -- it seems the iOS version is next on the list.

When you touch the Omnibox in the updated version, a microphone appears for you to speak your queries directly to Google. In some instances you will receive a spoken response, just as on the desktop version. As well as all this voice searching business, Google is also improving the speed at which webpages will reload by better using the cache when the network speed is slower.

Speaking queries to your iPhone and iPad all sounds mightily familiar, but would you use this in place of Siri at all? It is only for web searches after all, but if you're a heavy Chrome user is this something you'll be putting to use? Look for the update to land in the App Store in the coming days.

Source: Google Chrome Blog