Volkswagen announces iBeetle, a car with deep iPhone integration

There have been previous rumors about Apple building an iCar, but it now seems that instead of building the vehicle themselves, they have partnered with Volkswagen to help create the iBeetle. The car, which Volkswagen says was designed in coordination with Apple, boasts integration with the iPhone through Volkswagens iBeetle app, which provides access to entertainment and diagnostic functions.

When the app is launched, it can either connect the iPhone to the Beetle (“docked”), or not (“undocked”) – the driver or front passenger decides that. As soon as the iPhone connects to the data network of the Beetle via the app and the docking station (“docked”), it all begins.

The app provides access to Spotify, oil and coolant temperature gauges, compares a comprehensive set of data for different routes to a particular destination, and a photo function. While other manufacturers allow you to connect your iPhone to the car through Bluetooth or connecting cable, Volkswagen plans to provide the first truly integrated experience between iPhone and vehicle. Volkswagen also claims that this car was designed with the iPhone 5 in mind, though it seems likely that the iPhone 5s will have been released by the time the iBeelte ships to customers in early 2014.

Source: Volkswagen, Image credit: Volkswagen