Apple's CarPlay is the hot topic this week and it's taking the Geneva Motor Show by storm. We've seen closer looks at what Ferrari and Mercedes Benz are doing with it, but Volvo looks like it might have both of them beat. Apple's Greg Joswiak has been on the ground in Switzerland through the first couple of days of the show, and has helped Volvo to unveil CarPlay in one of its concept cars.

The in-car system itself looks much more responsive than the horrible screen Ferrari showed it off with, and definitely more elegant than the Mercedes tablet-on-your-dash style approach. Apps retain a familiarity on the display with messages and calls taking a strong turn towards the voice controlled. In the Volvo integration, CarPlay itself runs almost as just another app in the cars main system, with functions like controlling the climate control still at your fingertips. It's pretty nice.

The one thing that Apple can't control so well is what hardware the auto makers are using to run CarPlay on. Even though it looks pretty good, you can tell in the video up top that you're looking at Apple software running on someone else's hardware. It's just not quite as slick as we'd expect from something with Apple's name attached to it. From a Volvo perspective, we'll be seeing CarPlay later this year in the brand new XC90. In any case, take a look and see what you think!

via The Verge