VoodooPad finds a new home at Plausible Labs

Gus Mueller of Flying Meat has sold VoodooPad, his personal wiki app for Mac, to the Plausible Labs collective. From The Shape of Everything on why this is awesome news for VoodooPad customers:

Development on VoodooPad is going to happen at a quicker pace now. And instead of a single developer focusing attention on VoodooPad, it now has a team.

And it's not just any team- Plausible Labs has serious brains and talent and experience. And most importantly, I trust them to do the right thing with VoodooPad. It's all in their hands now.

11 years on VoodooPad was a heckuva run. Finding it a great new home, however, means Gus will be able to focus entirely on Acorn, his popular image editor, which sounds like great news for him, and even better news for Acorn.

Congrats to everyone involved, I'm really looking forward to seeing the next iteration of both VoodooPad and Acorn. Read the full post explaining the sale here:

Source: The Shape of Everything