VOTE!!! brings Infinity Blade-style fighting to the U.S. Elections

If the U.S. elections bore you, if debate is just not action packed enough, if the issues aren't as compelling as a good hotdog to the jaw or lightsaber to the face, the the creators of Infinity Blade have just the game for you -- VOTE!!!

VOTE!!! brings the full power of the Epic Unreal 3 engine to the biggest political slobberknocker this side of the actual election. You get to play as your favorite Republican or Democratic candidate, President Obama or Mitt Romney, in a classic cartoon take on the fighting genre.

It's not meant to be serious, of course -- at least no more serious than actual election coverage these days -- though they do try to put some vote metrics and information alongside the punch-fest, including Rock the Vote. But let's be frank, it's mostly about winning crazy costumes, insane weapon props, and a bunch of beyond silly accessories so you can let off a little steam about the state of the union, regardless of which party you believe should be stating that union.

So, gear up, and fight your way through the White House lawn, the Oval Office, the debate stage, and more. Forget negative campaign and get into full on trash talk. Do to the American political machine what it's been doing to the electorate for years now -- game it. And in ridiculous fashion.

VOTE!!! is a universal app that works on both iPhone and iPad, and while it's free to download there are in-app purchases for "coins".

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