iOS 5 is one of the biggest software updates Apple has ever released for their mobile operating system, with changes almost too many to enumerate (we've tried!).

Siri is the first step in taking the digital assistant out of sci-fi and into reality. iMessage bypasses the exorbitant carrier text charges and brings iOS users, all over the world, one step closer to BBM-like instant messaging. Notification Center finally brings iOS alerts out of the dark ages. Newsstand put most of our newspapers and magazines all in one place. PC-free along with Wi-Fi sync cuts the cord to iTunes and takes us to the iCloud, where all our data gets stored and pushed and backed up. Reminders brings task management to iOS. The camera app is now fast to access and faster to take shots with.

While there will always be features we wish for next time, from message previews to fast text response to themes to a whole lot more, this year, these are your choices.

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iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad walkthrough