Instagram went to version 2 and while initial reactions were mixed, popularity didn't seem to suffer one bit. Photogene also went to version 2, making a powerful photo editor even more powerful. Snapseed brings great enhancements and great filters together into one great app.

Apple's iMovie video editor hit the bigger screen, launching as a universal app alongside the iPad 2. 8mm Vintage Camera brought an old school aesthetic to one of the newest shooters on the planet.

GarageBand brought Apple's multitrack music editor to iOS, complete with instruments. Djay let you mix tracks so realistically you'll think you're in an 80s breaking movie. DM1 - The Drum Machine turned your iPad into a vintage drum kit.

Yes, it's odd jumbling all these apps together, but to keep the number of categories sane, we had to it. They all have two things in common, however -- they're all great and you have to pick your favorite. Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

Vote now for the photo/video/music app of the year [2011 TiPb Awards]