Parallels is beta testing a new release of its desktop virtualization software that incorporates iPhone syncing with XP and Vista. Now you're probably asking yourself "Why the hell would I want to sync my iPhone with a Windows virtual machine on a Mac?" And honestly, other than perhaps the same reason my Doberman Pinscher licks his genitals, I can't think of one good reason. But it's nice to know the option is there should I choose to utilize it, right?

Among the added features in this release...

  • Coherence windows now work with Expose! This means that each individual Windows application window will appears a separate, selectable window when you hit F9 to enter Expose. Windows windows (man, that sounds weird to say…) also have neat OS X effects too, like drop shadows. You’ll also be able to “stack” Windows application and Mac application windows in any order you’d like, so the experience is completely seamless.
  • The Image Tool is back at full strength and completely compatible with snapshotted drives. Using the image tool, users can: - Convert virtual hard drive format (plain to expanding, expanding to plain), - Enable/disable the "undo disk" option, which will erase all changes made during a session at shutdown. Its ideal for those of you doing a lot of testing or working in school settings), - Easily enlarge a virtual hard drive if you're running out of space.
  • Explorer, our free utility that lets you browse and work with your VM’s hard drive even with the VM is off, now also works with VMs that are suspended. Be sure to read the release notes/user guide on how to do this safely.
  • iPhone support in XP and Vista. Yes, I realize the irony of syncing an Apple device with Windows running on a Mac, but lots of people need to hook their iPhones up to Outlook. Try not to judge.

Sounds delicious! Download the beta here.