The stylus company Wacom announced a number of new products today, which it says were made specifically for use on Apple's iPad tablets.

The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 will go on sale in October for the price of $79.99 for the digital artist. Wacom says:

Offering 2,048 pressure sensitivity levels, the user experience is further enhanced thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 that seamlessly connects the stylus to iPads and Wacom's Cloud services. Available soon, the two new cloud based services offer clipboard functionality (DropZone) that allow for the exchange of files between different devices and a storage service for individual pen, tablet and display settings (ControlRoom).

The Bamboo Stylus fineline is now on sale for $59.96 for people who want to write or take notes by hand on their iPad. The company said:

Encouraging creative expression and inspiring ideas when working digitally, its features also include pressure sensitivity and palm rejection for increased precision and a more fluid action. With an elegant and premium design, Bamboo Stylus fineline is available in five fresh colors – silver, grey, blue, orange and pink. The pressure sensitivity and solid tip of the stylus make it feel completely natural to use. With its 1024 pressure levels, it reacts to the pressure being applied by the user, resulting in lighter or stronger strokes accordingly. This increased precision makes writing and notetaking on an iPad effortless.

Finally, the company's new budget priced Bamboo Stylus Solo and Bamboo Stylus Duo are now also on sale for $19.99 and $29.99, respectively. What do you think of these new styluses?

Source: Wacom