The iPhone 4 pre-order madness has come and gone. The big news, other than AT&T and Apple selling out of pre-orders and AT&T having yet another huge security flaw, was that not only were the rumors that AT&T will not have the white iPhone 4 available for pre-order true, but it's true in Apple's case as well.

I, for one, was angry completely shocked when I learned Apple did not have the white version available. My heart was set on buying a white iPhone 4. Apple's website said:

White iPhone currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pick-up.

TiPb has received reports on Twitter and our forums that Best Buy is allowing customers to pre-order white iPhones. However, we're skeptical and don't exactly believe that Best Buy will be able to honor these reservations. Apple wouldn't ship white iPhones to Best Buy over their own stores, would they?

I very briefly considered waiting for the white iPhone 4 to be available, but quickly realized that I don't have the patience required to wait. I reserved a black iPhone 4 for pick-up and have a small glimmer of hope that Apple Stores will, in reality, have a tiny stock of white ones available on June 24.

What about you? Were you planning to pre-order a white iPhone 4? Are you going to wait until they become available? Did you decide to reserve a black one instead hoping for news of white becoming available? Or did you say "oh well" and pre-order a black one to be delivered to your home?