The latest episode of Telltale's top-notch zombie apocalypse game, The Walking Dead, is now live on iPhone and iPad. In it you continue guiding the rapidly-maturing Clementine through a series of tough life-and-death decisions, and as always, your decisions stick with you throughout the whole game. We won't spoil any of the story for you, but if you're already caught up, the trailer above should get you excited to get started.

Between the excellent voice acting, gritty setting based on a well-loved TV and comic series, and emotional storyline mixed with gripping quick-time events, the Walking Dead for iPhone and iPad are among the best games you'll play on mobile. We're very curious to see what the next game using the license will bring to the table.

How many of you are into The Walking Dead games? Have you played through the first season? Anyone make the jump for the season pass for the second?

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