The Wally iPhone wallet arrives on Kickstarter, a new way to carry your bank cardsWally has arrived on Kickstarter and it claims to be a wallet for the iPhone but redesigned. We have all seen loads of cases that also include a wallet but what if you don’t want a case and just want something simple to hold your bank card? Well this is where the Wally looks to help you out. It is designed to cling to the back of your iPhone and can contain up to three bank type cards securely.

Wally isn't yet another wallet case, but rather a handcrafted leather pocket that grabs onto the back of your iPhone to secretly and securely hold what you need to have close at hand. He's the handsome grab-and-go solution.

Instead of a bulky case or a wallet with a pocket for your iPhone, Wally clings to the back of your iPhone and slick, gloss-finish cases. Utilizing micro-suction instead of glue or magnets, Wally has a grip like a gentleman: strong and secure, without leaving behind any tackiness.

The cards, once inserted in the wallet will not just fall out either, in order to get them out again you will have to pull them out using the included pull-tab system. The Wally is currently a Kickstarter project however it has already blasted through its funding target which was set at just $12,000. It still has 18 days left to run and currently sits at over $43,000; it appears that the Wally could be quite a popular product.

The Wally will be available in Ninja Black and Cowboy Brown and will be suitable for the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5. If you fancy getting your hands on one of these as early as possible, you can still make a pledge starting from $40.

What do you think of the Wally iPhone wallet?

Source: Kickstarter