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Wow. With so much 3G iPhone noise of late, there's bound to be some truth right? Let's refresh, we have 10 million new orders being picked up, shortages in the current generation, a CEO claiming that 3G is coming, and a supposed 3G iPhone in the wild. And to add to that pile of 3G whispers/leaks/reports/rumors/spyshots , we have Walt Mossberg (per AppleInsider), of infinite access and 10 lifetimes of tech wisdom, claiming that the 3G iPhone is coming soon. Real soon. As in 60 days soon.

And usually if Walt Mossberg reports it, my money is with him. But less than 60 days? Which would make the deadline...May 24th? That's a pretty bold prediction considering it would fall right before WWDC (June 9-13), the 2.0 firmware update (Late June) and the iPhone's first birthday (June 29). A 3G iPhone released pre-June would steal all the spotlight away from those events.

What do you guys think? Will the 3G iPhone be available before the June festivities or just merely announced? Has Ol' Walt gone a little reckless in his old age? When will the 3G iPhone come out and what will YOU do with your current iPhone?

(Walt Mossberg drops his 3G bomb around the 6 minute 50 second mark)