UPDATE: Verizon has just announced their 4G/LTE plans for end-of-year 2010, which may make their network compatible with future iPhone models. More details here.

ORIGINAL: We've all heard that AT&T in the US has an exclusive on the iPhone, and that maybe that exclusive was bumped up to 2010 when they agreed to the new iPhone 3G model, but no one outside the lawyer-strewn vaults at Apple and AT&T likely knows how much or for how long. With that in mind, BGR is rumoring that Verizon might be getting ready to unleash a little CDMA/EVDO iPhone fury all their own.

Apple is said to have approached Verizon to be the original iPhone carrier, after all, with AT&T only getting the deal when Verizon turned it down. Likewise, it's been suggested that Apple may not exactly be thrilled at the problems 3G users (and Crackberry Kevin's, it seems!) are having on the AT&T network.

Still, this one is hard for us to believe. Irrespective of Verizon's huge footprint in the US, and regardless of the appeal a CDMA/EVDO iPhone may have for some, it's a small global market for Apple to spend their already straining resources on.

Besides, Jeremy points out that with the Blackberry Storm set to strike over at Verizon, would they really want to let the iPhone 3G steal RIM's "thunder" (ouch!)

What do you think? Any iPhone owners out there dying to switch (back?) to Verizon? Any Verizon stalwarts still holding out for an EVDO iPhone?