When Apple launched the iPhone, they teased a "breakthrough internet device" and promised us "just the internet" in our pocket. Increasingly, the internet is becoming synonymous with Google, and how does Google make it's Microsoft-rivaling money again?

No, not search. Advertising! And now, everyone's favorite online advertiser is getting ready to better serve up their ads on the iPhone. With MobileSafari's monstrous browser share, who couldn't see this one coming?

Says Google (via Ars Technica):

As part of our ongoing commitment to help advertisers more effectively reach their target audience, Google is currently testing a feature that gives advertisers more control over how their ads will appear on mobile devices with full Internet browsers, like the iPhone. This feature is currently in a limited beta with a small number of advertisers.

So is this a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? Ads are a fact of life. They keep many internet sites free to the end user the same way TV ads keep shows free on the networks. If we don't want to pay a premium in cash (HBO-style), we pay it in visual clutter. Google taking the iPhone into account and -- hopefully -- minimizing the impact of online ads we'll see either way?

We're filling it under "hope for the best" for now. How about you?