CrackBerry, the BlackBerry-centric side of the mighty Mobile Nations community, has just undergone a massive redesign. As mobile devices go more mainstream, the needs of their users -- our readers, listeners, and viewers -- grow increasingly diverse. Serving those needs -- your needs -- gets increasingly challenging. CrackBerry is our first stab at it, and wow did we swing for the stars. It may not look like your traditional reverse-chronological blog (though there's a button you can push to escape back to that!), but it's going to allow us to better present and organize content, and really take our communities to the next level.

iMore 3.0 won't be exactly that, of course, but it'll be based on that. Every site, every design is an iteration. But, if you want to get a sneak-preview of where we're going next, head on over to CrackBerry and click or tap your way though their killer new Home page and amazing new device, topic, and help pages. And if you're curious about the process we took and the thinking behind it, check out these joints:

And a huge congratulations to Kevin, our CEO, Marcus Adolfsson, Tom, Mike, Steph, Mike, Chris, and the tech team, and David, Jose, and the design team, and Adam, Chris, Michelle, Simon, and everyone whose fingers bled black and orange getting the site updated. Terrific accomplishment.