Want: Transparent case for the new Mac Pro

I know. The new Mac Pro isn't out yet, won't even be out for month still. But here's the thing. I keep remembering what it looked like at WWDC 2013 outside the keynote, shown off behind glass both in its case and with its guts exposed. I keep looking at the pictures, and I find myself liking the exposed look better. And I want it like that all the time.

Just like when the iPhone 5 shipped, I kind of wanted it to be blacker - Vader black - so I had it Anostyled and slapped on a black wallpaper.

Now I'm looking for an aftermarket Mac Pro replacement case that's transparent.

Sure, the new Mac Pro looks like Vader now, but inside, it looks like Vader with his helmet off in Empire. And I dig that look a lot. Now, the new Mac Pro won't be out until the end of the year, and it'll likely take people a while to measure, design, and manufacture specific accessories for it, like Thunderbolt 2 docking stations, on-site video production backpacks, and who knowns what else. But among the third party ecosystem needs to be a crystal clear case replacement. Because, hot damn.

So, Internet, Kickstarter, vendors, whomever, can we make this happen?