11 bit Studios is the game developer behind the popular Anomaly series and This War of Mine, a powerful new game that casts you in the role of a survivor of a civil war trying to scavenge to live in the ruins of a city under siege. I recently took a look at the game and came away impressed. Turns out they have a pretty good attitude about supporting the Mac, too.

In an interview with MacGamerHQ, the developers explain that money isn't the big reason they support Mac and Linux alongside Windows.

It really makes sense to build connection with Linux and Mac gaming community. They're very engaged and help us to spread the word about our games. Big thanks here from 11 bit!

They talk a bit about the challenges involved in support the Mac specifically, because OS X and Windows use different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs):

Maintainig [sic] the code that uses two differnt [sic] APIs is time consuming. Thirdly – the toolsets for both versions are completly [sic] different – Visual Studio vs XCode. This requires maintaining of two different projects.

They also noted that 2014 was their most successful year on the Mac App Store, and that Mac sales are growing. Good news for Mac game fans!