Warner Brothers today released two of their movies, Dark Knight and Inception, as applications in the App Store and is available in 35 different countries. The interesting thing to note is that 23 of those countries are unable to get these two movies through iTunes.

The apps are free and they come ready to go with a five minute preview of each film along with games, trivia, extras and other materials for users to enjoy. If you decide you want to watch the movie you have two options at that point. You can choose to stream the movie or download it to your device to watch at a later time. Dark Knight is currently available for $9.99 and Inception is available for $11.99. Thomas Gewecke, president of digital distribution made a short comment about their new "apps."

We think this is an innovative way to build a global footprint on devices that are optimized for video viewing.

Yes it is definitely an innovative way to allow countries without iTunes movie access to have a chance at getting these movies but is it against Apple's new App Store developer guidelines? Specifically they say that apps that are for media should be sent to iTunes and not the App Store. So who knows if these two movies will make it as apps for long but if they do this opens up a whole new way to get movies on your iOS devices. Will you be downloading these movies as apps? Do you like the idea of downloading movies as apps instead of the standard way from iTunes? Tell us what you think in our comments section.

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