Longtime Apple board member Bill Campbell gave a talk at Intuit, where he once served as CEO and currently serves as chairman of the board, about the future of technology and how it will likely become more intimate with everything from Google Glass to Apple initiatives he wasn't at liberty to discuss (but fill in your own iWatch, at least short term). According to Ashlee Vance of Businessweek:

The conversation started with a look ahead toward future products. Noting that he was not at liberty to give away specific details on future Apple gizmos, Campbell did tell the audience to expect to see “a lot of things going on with the application of technology to really intimate things.” He pointed to Google Glass as one such intimate object. “It’s a phenomenal breakthrough,” he said. “When you start to think about glasses or watches, they become as intimate as the cell phone was.”

Technology is absolutely becoming more personal and more intimate. (No, not that kind of intimate, though that kind of intimate will no doubt be a subsection of the greater movement.) Huge room-filling mainframes became large, desk-filling personal computers are becoming small lap or hand filling tablets and phones will one day become tiny wrist or collar filling watches or broaches will one day become nearly invisible parts of us. It's terrifyingly exciting, as only the future can be.

The entire talk is fascinating, and also touches on Campbell's thoughts about former Apple executives Tony Fadell and Ron Johnson. Check out the entire video above, read more about it via the link below, and then let me know what you think -- how personal can technology get, and does the idea of increasingly intimate devices concern you at all?

Source: Businessweek via 9to5Mac