Uptime is an iPhone app that lets you share and watch YouTube videos in a real-time, interactive environment.

You know how you'll come across some hilarious YouTube video that you know you just have to share with friends? If your friends aren't nearby, you probably send a link to the video and eagerly await to hear back. Even if they write back to say they find the clip as hilarious as you do, it's just not the same as seeing them react in person. Uptime seeks to provide that IRL experience of watching a video with friends even when your friend isn't able to be IRL.

As you watch a video within the app you'll see your avatar moving along a track around the edge of the screen. This track corresponds to the video's duration: the start of the track is the start of the video, the end of the track is the end of the video. The video loops, so a cute little bounce animation sends your avatar soaring back to the beginning of the track when you reach the end.

When others begin to watch the video with you, you'll see their avatar appear along the track. This gives you a sense of where they are in the video. You can tap the screen to add live reactions of stars, type a message in the box to display text on screen beneath your avatar, or add animated emoji. It's sort of like watching your friends' reactions and hearing their remarks in person

Uptime GIF showing sparklesUptime GIF showing emoji

The app is iOS-only at the moment. When you first download the app, you'll log in with your Google account. You'll need an invite to gain access to the app — once you're in you can send invites to friends. According to The Next Web, the invite code PIZZA should get you in.

What do you think?

Is Uptime an app you could see yourself using? Do you prefer to watch YouTube videos alone and enjoy the blissful silence of a friend's text-based reaction? Let me know in the comments!