First announced at WWDC 2015 and then rolled out with iOS 9, watchOS 2 brings a number of big changes to the Apple Watch. The initial release was held back a few days, but ended up rolling out to users on September 21, 2015. Among the biggest of the changes that followed were the addition of custom complications, and the ability for developers to code a native watch app.

Some of the other changes that this update brought to the watch include new clock faces, Time Travel, Nightstand mode and more. With the new clock faces you can set custom pictures as your background, use photos from a photo album, Live Photos, or even time lapses. Time Travel lets you scroll your way through your schedule, seeing what you have next and what you have at any particular time. Nightstand mode is great for those who charge horizontally at night, as it will display a nice big digital clock with the date below.

In Mail you can now reply to emails right from your wrist, friend groups are no longer limited to 12 people, and you can sketch in multiple colors. There are a slew of new emoji, the Maps app now gives you transit directions, and Apple Pay support continues to grow. Siri has become even more powerful and the watch has gained Wi-Fi which allows you to automatically connect to any network you've previously used on your iPhone.

To download watchOS 2 you will need to have an iPhone running iOS 9 paired to an Apple Watch. Want to know all the details about what's new? You can find those here!