Wave Timer is a hands free timer that allows you to turn off the alarm with a simple wave of your hand. This is great for situations like cooking, where your hands are a mess and you don't want to touch your iPhone. It also features a rotary style interface for setting the length of the timer that is easy to use and interesting to look at.

The interface of Wave Time primarily consists of just one screen. On this screen is a big half circle divided into three dials and the center. The center of the circle is the play button and moving out from the center are the dials for hours, minutes, and seconds. To set the time, you simply spin the dials to the appropriate time and hit play.

The real fun begins when the Wave Timer goes off. To stop the alarm, you just wave your hand in front of your iPhone. If you do it too fast, it won't work, but I haven't found this to be a problem. This feature uses the front-facing camera as a motion detector, so I just move my hand towards the camera without touching it, and the alarm miraculously turns off.

Wave Camera is free to download and includes three different alarm sounds and ads. To unlock more sounds and remove ads, there is an in-app purchase available for $1.99.

The good

  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Three sounds to choose from
  • Motion detection works great
  • In-app purchase to remove ads and add more sounds

The bad

  • Can't wave to start timer

The bottom line

If you ever find yourself in need of setting a timer when in messy situations, you should definitely give Wave Timer a try, and spare your poor iPhone from turning into a dirty, sticky mess.

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