Welcome to iMore... Peter Cohen!

Peter Cohen has spent most of his life writing about technology, especially as it pertains to Apple and gaming. He ran MacGaming, which was acquired by MacCentral, which in turn was acquired by Macworld, where Peter worked for many years as a Senior Editor. Since then, Peter has written for Mac|Life, MacUser (UK), Tap! and a variety of other online and print publications. Most recently, Peter began the Angry Mac Bastards podcast, and co-founded The Loop with Jim Dalrymple, where he serves as the executive editor.

Over the course of his career, Peter has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience, insight, and understanding, as well as a unique voice, attitude, and editorial sensibility.

And starting April 22, he's bringing it all to iMore.

Not surprisingly, Peter intends to immediately ramp up Mac and gaming content, and make iMore not only the place you go to for the very best iOS coverage, but for the very best Apple coverage. Period.

What's more, Peter will also be working with everyone here to take our entire community to the next level, helping out with our iMore 3.0 projects (both web and app), some amazing Mobile Nations stuff we'll be announcing soon, and some future stuff we're all really excited about.

I've been a huge fan of Peter's work for years and I'm thrilled we'll all get to enjoy even more of it now, and right here at iMore.

Please give him a warm welcome, and if you aren't already, you should follow him on Twitter @flargh.