Welcome to the Mobile Nations family — Connectedly!

Smartwatch Fans is now Connectedly, our newly expanded, even more sensational site where we'll be covering all things connected. That includes connected health and fitness devices, connected home and security, connected watches and wearables, connected cars and toys, and much, much, more. See our Connectedly is open for business welcome post for all the details!

The Internet of Things is something that interests all of us greatly. We've spent years building up smartphones and tablets and, now that they've matured, we can use them as platforms to build up so many other technologies. The "next big thing" is going to be an interconnected web of "small things" that, taken together, will be every bit as powerful and transformative.

And that's just exactly why Connectedly is here.

We'll still be covering CarPlay and iBeacon here at iMore, and iWatch as well when and if it ships, but just like Apple will be using Healthbook to interconnect with a vast universe of devices beyond their own, we'll be using Connectedly to cover everything that can make our mobile lives better. From Apple and Google to the newest, smartest startups and crowd-funders, Connectly will bring it all together in one community with one shared purpose.

So head on over to Connectedly and bookmark it and subscribe to whatever feeds and social channels you prefer. Then keep your eyes peeled for our launch contest on May 1. You won't want to miss it!