iPad in enterprise

Several companies such as Wells Fargo, Mercedes Benz, and SAP are testing how the iPad can increase productivity within their enterprises. So, not only has Apple sold over 3 million iPads, they're starting to gain traction into big corporations as well.  Does this mean the iPad isn't just for reading books and watching videos on YouTube? (If you're reading TiPb, we're guessing you already know the answer). 

iPad is a pretty easy device to learn, but at the same time, powerful. iOS as a platform opens the door for companies to not only implement existing apps but to make their own native apps employees can use as well.  I own an iPhone and an iPad.  For quick e-mails and messages, I use my iPhone.  I almost always have an iPad around though, and for looking at Excel files or word documents for work, I'd much prefer the iPad.  With access to services like Box.net and Dropbox, it's getting easier for employers to allow their employees to take work with them, therefore increasing productivity.

Ted Schadler, Vice President of Forrester Research had this to say:

"This iPad thing has taken the world by storm, ...it came in as a consumer product and very quickly the people who actually bought them were businesspeople."

BlackBerrys have always been known to be business devices, but devices such as the iPad allow a little bit more functionality without having to haul around a full size laptop.  It's a compromise.  It's better than a mobile device, but not as obtrusive as a laptop.  What do you guys think?  Could we eventually be given iPads as corporate devices?  For me personally, I live and breathe Excel.  For quick edits and checking numbers, the iPad is fine, but until I can integrate shared and linked workbooks and have VPN access to do so, I don't think my work will be handing out iPads anytime soon.  I'll keep crossing my fingers though.